5 Minute Biz Magic: Addressing Burnout

mindtoolsStarting or running a business can be overwhelming, there’s always some task or some decision to make, and the buck stops with you. So I’m always a fan of any way to cut through the noise, reduce the “to do list”, automate unnecessary stuff, etc.

One tool I absolutely love, is Mind Tools Burnout Self Assessment. Burnout is a recurring, short-term problem that gets in the way of addressing long-term business problems. To get and keep a business on track, you may need to apply some short-term solutions to get started.


The first thing you can do to help your business, is to get your personal energy back. I’ve never seen a business owner successfully solve business problems if stress and burnout levels are raging high. So why not check yourself for burnout, and if you need to shake things up, try some new ways to work? When you feel good, you’ll manage the business a lot differently.

One of the best things you can do is limit the time you give the business. No more than 40 hours per week. Start that one immediately. It’ll be hard at first, but it’s the first step. No work on weekends. Set a “bedtime” from work – 5 pm. No work after that time. No work after Fri or before Mon. In 1-2 weeks you’ll feel amazing, and you’ll be able to see business problems with greater clarity, feel less desperation-based urgency, and bring your best skills and self to the table to work on day to day challenges.

Many entrepreneurs feel that the business requires them to work nonstop without regard for their personal needs, but that’s a mental illusion. While it’s true that you are the final decision-maker, if the business is sapping your strength and you are running yourself into the ground, you can’t make the best decisions for the business. You’ll operate out of exhaustion, stress, or desperation, escalating small problems into larger ones.


The Mind Tools Burnout Self Assessment is free, it’s easy, it takes less than 5 minutes. Starting to address any burnout issues and rehabilitate your work-life balance will help restore your energy and make sure a sane person is running your company, so you can focus on making great decisions. Like generating revenue, for example. :)

This 5-Minute Biz Magic was written by TenX’s founder, Carolynn Duncan.

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Posted on: February 22, 2017, by : admin