5 Minutes

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We’re trying something new over here, with our new article series, 5 Minute Biz Magic. We believe frequent small improvements to how you run the business, added up over time, will make an awesome difference.

These articles demonstrate 5 minute ways to learn and apply simple updates to your business. Let us know if you like it, and tell us what you’d like to learn about in future articles.

5 Minute Biz Magic Articles

#1: Reduce Junk Emails / Newsletters

#2: Address Burnout

#3: Avoid The Ostrich Effect

#4: Your Time Is Running Out

#5: Find Your Focus

#6: Solving Chicken & Egg Dilemmas

#7 Make 5 Sales Calls

#8: Schedule It

#9: Deals Fall Apart

#10: Put the Fun Back Into Fundraising