Individual Advising

individual advising

Program Structure

Flexible, hourly-rate based advising, targeted on topics (sales, fundraising, finding a co-founder, etc.) you need the most assistance with. You’ll meet with a seasoned advisor during times convenient for your schedule.

Our Individual Advising clients report feeling focused, energized, and able to stay on track in accomplishing key milestones. We are currently accepting Individual Advising clients from all across the US.

Alumni Results & Revenue

Alumni include Little Bird, Wineslingr, Black Tonic, Silvania, OmgFriends, and many more. Alumni of the Individual Advising program typically land funding and initial sales in the $10,000-$100,000 range, within 1-3 months of participating!

Time/Tuition Commitment

Our Advising packages come in 4 ($500), 8 ($1,000), or 12 ($1,500) session packages for general business advising, including topics such as sales, market development, hiring, operations, product development, accounting, etc.

For Advising work for teams (more than 1 founder / team mate participating) or on fundraising topics (angel, venture capital, seed stage financing, banking), our Advising packages come in 4 ($700), 8 ($1,400), or 12 ($2,100) session packages.

Advising sessions are scheduled flexibly, based on your schedule.

Next Steps

To sign up for Individual Advising, contact, or complete our online registration form, and we will be in touch.

Benefits of Participating
  • Increase focus & execution through accomplishing milestones
  • Advisory support from seasoned mentors
  • Increase revenues
  • Create realistic financial projections
  • Land funding (alumni have raised amounts in the $30K-$8MM range!)
  • Add a cofounder, advisors, team members
  • Develop & launch products
  • Become part of TenX’s alumni network & community

For those who are completing registration, the online payment link is below.

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