TenX’s Marathon program is structured to support founders and business leaders in accelerating from $100K in existing revenues/funding, to $1MM+ over an 18 month period of time.

Program Structure

The Marathon is a 12 week program under an 18 month commitment to get the business to the $1MM in revenue capacity level, focused on developing a company roadmap, 12 month financials, sales pipeline, pitch, fundraising plan, operations & organizational planning, entrepreneurial and investment thinking, and more.

You’ll meet weekly with a seasoned advisor and dynamic peer group of founders committed to taking the business to the next level. We are in it to see you reach $1MM in revenue or funding – when you succeed, we succeed and celebrate your success with the TenX community.

Alumni Results & Revenue

Alumni include ShopIgniter, Orchestra Team, Night & Day Studios, The Good, Architectural Applications, Alma Chocolate, HeartWork, The English Department, P2Life, InStove, Bakerpedia, Cardsmith, Banza, and many more.

Alumni of the Marathon program typically accelerate (double and triple) sales and land funding in the $100,000-$1,000,000 range, within 3 – 18 months of participating! We are currently running Marathons in Portland, OR, and also welcome participation from anywhere in the world, via Google Hangout / Skype.

Time/Tuition Commitment

$15,000 program tuition: $3,000 deposit to start, $12,000 deferred when the business reaches $1MM in revenue/funding, and 8-10 hour/week time commitment per week.

Next Steps

To apply for the Marathon, contact, or complete our online registration form, and we will be in touch.

Benefits of Participating
  • Increase focus & execution through accomplishing milestones
  • Peer support from practicing entrepreneurs
  • Increase revenues
  • Create realistic financial projections
  • Land funding (alumni have raised amounts in the $30K-$8MM range!)
  • Add a cofounder, advisors, team members
  • Develop & launch products
  • Become part of TenX’s alumni network & community

For those who are completing registration, the online payment link is below.

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