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Learn about TenX, find out which program is right for your business: Fundraising Prep, Sprint, Marathon, Individual Advising or Growth Advising. Participate in person in Portland, Oregon or via Google Hangout, from anywhere in the world. Since 2009, our alums have generated more than $30MM in initial sales and funding - why not you?

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Where are you at currently, where do you plan to be in 3 months? What obstacles are in the way, and how can we help? At TenX, we work with 50 entrepreneurs / year, to work through startup, fundraising, launch, pivot, restructure, and scale up phases. Chances are, if you are going through it, we've seen it and helped companies get past it, and moving forward. Tell us about your business, and let's work together.

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Office Hours are a great opportunity to review current challenges like sales / marketing, team / cofounder / employees, fundraising, growth / scale / operations, etc. Office Hours allow for flexibility that matches your timing and budget. During your meeting, we will talk through all aspects of your business, and provide specific guidance and recommendations to help you set a path forward. Book an appointment below.

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